September 08, 2014

EGYTRANS has secured Giza North & Samalout for Transformer Packages

EGYTRANS has secured Giza North & Samalout for Transformer Packages with (HMGT) this job includes the transportation of two Transformer Packages as follows: –

  • Giza North Package included one transformer (262 Ton, 11,18 x 4.35 x 4.6m) and around 3,500 FRT of general cargo
  • Samalout Package included one transformer (245 Ton, 12 x 4.55 x 4.35m) and around 2,500 FRT of general cargo

All Samalout Packages were handled on Direct Delivery basis and all general cargo was transported directly from Dekhila Port up to site and the main transformer was transported / stored on EGYTRANS warehouse till completing all civil works required through the road as the civil works is required to bridge reinforcement for two bridges handled by EGYTRANS.

August 20, 2013

Transformers Transportation For Giza North Project

EGYTRANS had secured Giza North for Transformer Packages with (FH Bertling) this job includes the transportation of six Transformer Packages as follows: –

– Six Transformer Packages ( 7.42 m x 4.31 m x 5.10 m, 146 Ton) each
Also job is included all civil works form Port of Delivery – Adabiya & Sokhna Ports – till delivery to site, civil works included the followings:

July 29, 2013

Wind Farm Projects

EGYTRANS has specialized transport equipment for handling Wind Farm Projects:

1. Two Telescopic Trailers (Model 2013) up to 47.5 m length – 3 times extendable with 3 extensions – up to 50 Tons
2. 3 Dollies 40 tons (for pkgs up to 40 m long)
3. Egytrans placed an order for another four Telescopic Trailers (Model 2013) arriving to Egypt in Oct. 2013

April 30, 2012

AVEX International Airshow

EGYTRANS was appointed for the fourth consecutive time as the official freight forwarder for Avex International in 2010.

AVEX is the one of the world’s fastest growing events endorsed by Egypt’s Ministry of Civil Aviation. Every two years, AVEX gathers leading providers and buyers in the small to medium-sized aircraft industry in a unique business-focused aviation expo including exclusive aircraft showcasing and cross-border networking at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

April 30, 2012

American University in Cairo

Egytrans was chosen by the American University in Cairo to help it move from its campus in Tahrir square to the suburb of New Cairo, which was established on an area of 260 acres.

The new headquarters has a capacity of 5500 students and 1500 members of faculty & staff.

Egytrans was selected for its high technical experience in the field of transport solutions and its ability to meet the requirements of the university’s administration.

March 11, 2012

Abu Quir Power Station

Transporting 404 tons Generator Stator from Abou Quir Military Port up to Abou Quir Power Station


March 01, 2012

Al-Atf Power Station

Transporting 372 tons Gas Turbine & 330 tons Generator from Alexandria Port up to Al-Atf Power Station