EGYTRANS offers weekly consolidation services from Egypt to over 400 worldwide destinations with receiving stations in Cairo and Alexandria.  Consolidation groups many small sea or air freight shipments together into a single large shipment and offers the advantages of competitive freight rates and insurance premiums, reduced risk of damage and reduced packing costs.  We continually expand and develop our services by adding direct import services from new origins and direct export services to new destinations in order to provide our customers with the safest, fastest, most regular and most economic service available in the local market.

From To Vessel Voyage No. Sailing date
Alexandria Felixstowe Mary Schulte 144W 05/07/2017
Alexandria Rotterdam Ever Libra 028E 09/07/2017
Alexandria Genoa Uni Phoenix 244W 14/07/2017
Alexandria Hamburg Ever Lotus 021E 16/07/2017
Alexandria New York A.OBELIX 039W 21/07/2017
Alexandria Barcelona Hatsu Courage 084E 23/07/2017
Alexandria Singapore Mary Schulte 145W 28/07/2017
Alexandria Antwerp Oocl Seoul 042E 30/07/2017