Al-Atf Power Station

Transporting 372 tons Gas Turbine & 330 tons Generator from Alexandria Port up to Al-Atf Power Station



El Atf Power Station video

Main information:

a- Packages Dimension:

Package Weight Length Width Height
Gas Turbine 372 Tons 13.90 m 5.83 m 5.92 m
Generator Stator 293.80 Tons 13.53 m 4.51 m 5.10 m

b- The transport operation was done on September 2008 from Alexandria Port up to Al-Atf Power Station amounting 98.700 Kilometers.

c- Transporter Configuration: 1 x 3 x 16 conventional hydraulic trailer.

d- Bottle Necks: The hardest Points in these maneuvers were the following:

  1. We had to do very hard maneuvers because the 1st part of the transport operation was inside Alexandria city and the last part was inside Al-Mahmoudia town.
  2. Supporting 4 weak bridges using a special system based on transferring the load to the uplifting force of the water.

e- Suspension Setup:

f- Transport arrangement drawings: