EGYTRANS has secured Giza North & Samalout for Transformer Packages

EGYTRANS has secured Giza North & Samalout for Transformer Packages with (HMGT) this job includes the transportation of two Transformer Packages as follows: –

  • Giza North Package included one transformer (262 Ton, 11,18 x 4.35 x 4.6m) and around 3,500 FRT of general cargo
  • Samalout Package included one transformer (245 Ton, 12 x 4.55 x 4.35m) and around 2,500 FRT of general cargo

All Samalout Packages were handled on Direct Delivery basis and all general cargo was transported directly from Dekhila Port up to site and the main transformer was transported / stored on EGYTRANS warehouse till completing all civil works required through the road as the civil works is required to bridge reinforcement for two bridges handled by EGYTRANS.

Also Giza North packages received from vessel on Alexandria Port based on Direct Delivery and the main transformer offloaded directly from the vessel to the barge which was waiting alongside the vessel and it was transported via inland transport and other remaining cargos were transported by road, the barge transport operation took 5 days from Alexandria Port till reaching the El-Khatatba jetty and there was a crane ready at the jetty for loading the transformer from barge on to ETLA hydraulic low-bed which transported the transformer inside the site.