Last week a two day “Heavy Lifting” Seminar was presented at Egytrans/ETAL in Alexandria, Egypt.

The full staff of Egytrans and one of its partners in Egypt, Ship & Crew Egypt, a group of 25 persons in total joined this new two Day Seminar which is mainly focused on Lifting of Heavy Lifts and the do’s and don’ts in lifting techniques.

Egytrans is in full swing to improve the capabilities and know how of its engineers as well as operational staf in order to be ready for the future business in Egypt. An extensive investment program has already started with the purchase of Heavy duty prime movers (3 x MAN TGA 41680 8×4 tractor units) , 40 lines of new Scheuerle IC Hydraulic Platform trailers as well as 6 x Faymonville extendable Telemax trailers of 49 m length and a semi 8 axle line Hydraulic Platform trailer with Gooseneck.

See pictures below:

Egytrans and Ship & Crew Seminar group
The Egytrans and Ship & Crew Seminar group

Egytrans and Ship & Crew Management
Egytrans and Ship & Crew Management with Richard L.Krabbendam, the presenter of the Seminar, during lunch

Method of quickly estimating sling forces

Source: Heavyliftspecialist