Egytrans/ETAL uses its brand new extendable trailers for the first time in a prestigious contract to transport 100 wind turbine blade containers from Alexandria Port to Gabal el Zeit (mountains off the Red Sea), a distance of approximately 600 Kms.

Total Project includes 100 blade containers.

Each container contains 3 wind turbine blades for a 2 Mw Camesa Wind turbine

Blade Containers each

40.38 L

4.22 W

3.00 H

36,450 W/T

Two Faymonville Telemax trailers and one set of Trabosa dollies ready with 3 container packages of wind turbine blades. Nine blades of a 2 Mw wind turbine ready for a long trip


The new Faymonville extendable trailers performed very well!

Faymonville extendable trailers

Arrival at the job site after 600 kms


Source: Heavyliftspecialist